Veuve Cliequot Brut Champagne NV

IMG_6865Veuve Cliequot Brut ChampagneGiven as an anniversary gift from Aaron’s Sister. Thanks Autumn!

BevMo, $47.99

Total Wine & More, $43.97

Aaron:  It’s not often Autumn does something other than annoy those around her … this was an exception.  This was a magnificent, full champagne with tons of flavor.  Just a bit of sharpness on the bite at the end but nothing overpowering.  Great pear and apple flavors with a good body.  Dry but not desert dry (it is a brut).  91 points.

Teri: Great amount of bubbles with a dry flavor of almond, dried peach, and just a hint of lemon. The champagne is crisp and refreshing but not my favorite out of all champagnes (I have more of a sweet tooth). With that said, even though Brut’s are not always my ‘go-to’ this one is not overly dry and easy to enjoy. 88 points 


3 thoughts on “Veuve Cliequot Brut Champagne NV

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