Rancho Alexander Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Alexander Valley

Rancho Alexander Sauvignon BlancLot 18/The Tasting Room, $10.99

Aaron:  In general this was not what I expected.  My review might be biased because I grabbed this wanting a light, crisp, refreshing bottle (figured a Sav Blanc was a good bet) and what I got was a much fuller bodied, chard-like wine.  The nose was dull and rocky, not very appealing and the flavor was medium-light but not crisp at all.  Limited fruit flavors with only some unripened nectarine.  Mostly cream and butter; it was good but not what I expected.  88 points

Teri: Another one of our first shipments from Lot 18, with mixed reviews on the first few bottles we tried. This Sauvignon Blanc from the Alexander Valley of Somona carried a smell full of citric acid along with classic dry white wine characteristics. I tasted flavors of light lemon, asparagus, and almond. A beautiful light finish makes this bottle very easy to drink but not overly complex. I give it 87 points for a good easy to drink bottle without overpowering flavor.


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