Piledriver Merlot 2013

Piledriver Merlot 2013Cost Plus World Market, $15.99

Piledriver Website

Aaron:  This features a very full, musky nose with some noticeable cedar.  The flavor is bold as expected with lots of tobacco and some pepper, complemented by blackberries and strawberries.  Leather lingers after the reasonably smooth finish, his is not my favorite but I think it’s pretty good and worth a try. 89 points

Teri: This Merlot has a Dark ruby/burgundy color which is beautiful to look at in the glass. The nose is earthy but the first flavors you taste fill your mouth with raspberry and blackberry. The finish then mirrors the nose containing tobacco, leather, and oak. Because no flavor is overpowering, this would be a great bottle for anyone new to red wine or those who like the middle of the road style in wine making (not too bold, but not weak). 88 points


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