Robert Reynolds Chardonnay 2012 Rocky’s Block

Reynolds Family Winery, part of Oak Ridge WineryRobert Reynolds Rocky's Block Chard

Aaron: The dull murky smell at first transforms into tropical bursts of guava and passionfruit before mellowing out again.  Flavor is full, rich, and creamy with bright fruits and some honey.  All around good drinking, enjoyable wine.  I like it. 91 points

Teri: This is a nice light and refreshing Chardonnay with great fruit forward flavors. The nose carries bright yellow fruits and honeysuckle while the taste is rich in evenly balanced peach and apricot with mild acidity. I could drink a Chardonnay like this all day with is pleasant mix of full fruits, long finish, and refreshing taste. Special thanks to Wade Hawkins for bringing us this bottle from their family winery!  90 points


2 thoughts on “Robert Reynolds Chardonnay 2012 Rocky’s Block

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