La Vieille Ferme 2013 Rose

La Vieille Perme 20132013Given to us as a gift. Thanks Bill!

La Vieille Ferme Website

La Vieille Ferme wines from BevMo, $6.99 & Total Wine, $5.99

Aaron: tons of strawberry and some good peach too.  Floral flavors are a bit bitter – not too bad.  It’s pretty full but not my favorite and definitely not an “intro” wine because it’s complex and features some veggies (celery) and tomato.  88 points

Teri: This blush has light lemon citrus flavors but still feels full and flavorful. I tasted cranberry and metallic minerals mostly on the wine. Not my favorite overall, but refreshing and easy to drink for those who are new to wine or prefer a lighter variety to drink. 88 points


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