Palazzo del Mare Catarratto 2014

Palazzo del Mare CatarratioCan be found for around $11/bottle

Sent to us through Lot 18/The Tasting Room, about $12/bottle

Aaron:  This was not my favorite – and I’ve liked most of the Lot 18 bottles so far.  It was full but had a dull, metallic flavor with some citrus and yellow fruits.  I was reminded of stones in a rocky river, drizzled with a hint of basil.  86 points

Teri: With a bright acidic lemon-apricot nose, this wine is fruity from start to finish with almost no hint of oak. I tasted flavors of white peach and star fruit followed by a long lemon finish. This wine is very easy to drink and would be great for those who like lighter wines. Pair this with a citrus salad, nutty cheeses, or just sip on its own. 87 points 


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