Thornhill Pinot Noir 2013

IMG_7578 Sent from The Tasting Room/Lot 18, about $35/bottle 

Aaron:  This featured and oaky nose with minerals and limited fruit.  The flavor was much better, bursting with nutty vanilla and cocoa.  This was easy to drink due to its smooth and pleasant finish.  91 points

Teri: Bright present very ripe strawberry flavors on the nose (classic for a pinot noir), reminds me of strawberry pie. The long legs on the glass also let me know that the body of the wine is going to be rich and full. Contrary to the smell, the flavors of this wine carry less fruit and more oak and leather making the wine full of vanilla and earth flavors–a hearty wine for those who like bigger reds.  88 points Thornhill Pinot Noir


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