Champ de Reves Pinot Noir 2012

ChampdeRevesPurchased from the Golden Eye Tasting Room in Anderson Valley

Champ de Reves Website

Aaron:  This had a huge foresty smell of pine trees doused with strawberry sauce.  The flavor was luscious and full with decently prominent tannins for a pinot.  The good body makes it easy to sip and hard to gulp – pretty good overall.  90 points

Teri: The nose on this pinot is very light with only a hint of spice with strawberry. This pinot is balanced beautifully with blended flavors of oak and strawberry with a long strawberry finish. Some characteristics of jam also jump on the tastebuds with just a hint of rhubarb pie and a dash of leather at the end. One of my favorites. 91 points 


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