Paf Pinot Noir 2013

Wine of the Month Club, $12.99Paf Pinot Noir

Aaron: I had pretty low expectations from the label – doesn’t exactly scream classy, more backyard party but I was admittedly pleasantly surprised.  The full, berry nose with oaky chocolate yielded to the medium body.  A solid nutty, light wood flavor hinted at some berries which were overshadowed by prominent tannins but the flavor wasn’t too chalky.  I felt this was nice to drink and stands up well to food.  91 points

Teri: This wine in the glass is a beautiful ruby red color with a black cherry pepper nose. The flavors on the wine consist of leathery vanilla with fruit with a hint of strawberry on the finish. This wine still had noticeable body but is smooth and easy to drink. If you drink it right when you open it, I did pucker a bit…so leave it out to breath for an hour and it will open up and take off the sharp bite. 88 points 


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