Wayside Red Wine 2013

IMG_7624Lot 18/The Tasting Room, about $13 bottle


Aaron:  Lot 18 has done a pretty good job so far in my opinion.  This red had a pretty big nose of rosy blackberry fields.  The rich, smooth flavor featured prominent vanilla and a little honey coating some rich berries.  The flavor finishes with a slight kick of dark red wood making it more well rounded.  Nice for a bigger blend.  90 points

Teri: Upon first sip, the flavors seemed a bit muddled with a green-leafy aftertaste. The smell Waysideis rich and on the spicy (pepper) side but the flavors are light and somewhat smooth. I tasted pepper, spinach, tobacco, and a hint of dark red berries (yes, this one leans heavier to the mineral and grassy side then fruit flavors). A bit too “mineral” for my personal liking. 88 points 


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