Mythmaker Pinot Noir Rose 2014

Mythmaker Pinot Noir RoseLot 18, $14.99

Aaron: This was interesting but I’m not a fan – though admittedly Rose doesn’t normally do much for me.  Strawberry and melon were prominent on the nose with white peaches and flowers.  The flavor was pretty full but slightly bitter at first followed by a rich overflow of butter.  Again, this wasn’t my favorite but it’s functional.  88 points

Teri: Almost reminding me of potpourri, the smell reminds me of roses and with almost no legs after swirling the glass the body is quite light, “wet” tasting, and smooth. Flavors of clementine, apricot, and bright young strawberry make this wine refreshing and easy to enjoy. Make sure you serve it chilled for a better experience. For a rose, I think this wine provides complexity and quality. 91 points 



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