Cabernet-Syrah Duc de Balmonde Pays d’Oc 2013

Duc de Belmonde Pays d'ocAvailable on Amazon

Aaron: This was very good … very good.  The full oaky nose with cherry and vanilla was enticing and bold.  The points are all in the flavor though; smooth and rich with a perfect balance.  I was impressed with how the Cabernet kept the pepper of the Syrah in check and produced a luscious river flowing over the palate.  This velvety delight isn’t “sweet” but does provide a nice hint of cinnamon at the end.  93 points

Teri: Sometimes a wine’s color is notable (beautiful bright plum); one of many wonderful aspects of this wine. First, this red wine is extremely easy to drink with no bite or hard flavors from start to finish. The roundness of the cabernet blends beautifully with the bold flavors of the Syrah leaving only warm strawberry oak at first sip, followed by a smooth transition to blueberries on the finish. There is a noticeable undertone of oak throughout, but it is not overpowering. I could easily drink this alone or with a meal. Good for red sauces, pastas, pizza, and red meat. 92 points 



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