Edmeades Gianoli Vineyard 2012 Zinfandel

Edmeades 2012Purchased from Edmeades Winery, $35

Aaron: This had a lighter nose than anticipated with some subtle red berries.  In general I’ve enjoyed the Edmeades bottles and this one didn’t disappoint either.  The flavor was full of chocolate and mild berries with a prominent oak.  This was fruity at the end but not immediately and in general was a good all-around full red.  90 points

Teri: This zinfandel contains a juicy nose of coco and black cherry. I enjoyed the flavors of dark cherry, smokey oak, and a finish of tobacco and unsweetened chocolate. The alcohol is slightly higher in this bottle (15.4%) but you don’t taste it, just warm delicious flavors of baking spices and berries. 89 points