Le Concierge Merlot 2014

Le Concierge MerlotLot 18, $14.99

Aaron:  I absolutely love this bottle for so many reasons.  It’s a great value, it’s easy to drink but not “juice” and in my opinion the perfect party wine.  There was SO MUCH FRUIT, coupled with mild vanilla and dark bark.  The nose featured the same characters with an added hint of smoke but the points are all in the flavor.  There is a luscious near-sweetness which makes this easy to drink but it’s not a kiddy wine.  This is a superstar middle-of-the-road wine and my new go-to for casual parties.  92 points

Teri: If you are looking for a versatile, all around good wine, this is it. With its easy to drink flavors and tannins, this French Merlot is perfect for dinner parties or as a festive gift for a friend. I loved the spicy strawberry and rhubarb smell and the mild, but flavorful, fruity taste of blueberry, strawberry and clove. Not too much oak on the flavor, but just a hint on the finish. Any level wine drinker would be happy with this bottle. 93 points