Beachcomber Pinot Noir 2012

Lot 18, $18.74Beachcomber Pinot

Aaron:  The nose on this pinot was pretty heavily weighted towards strawberries.  Flavors of bright berries and peach were a little watery at first but built over time.  In general this has a light body, even for a pinot with lots of vanilla and friendly fruits.  There are really no earth notes at all, just fruitiness making this very easy drinking and a nice contrast to spicy foods.  88 points for complexity 91 points for drinkability.

Teri: I’m a harsh pinot noir critic and this one did not make the cut. Easy to drink, but watery, with light flavors of strawberry and cranberry with round mouth feel of oak at the finish. The flavors tasted underripe and young with no body or fullness. 82 points 


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