Mission Hill Family Setate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Mission Hill Website, $25.99Mission Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Aaron:  I was skeptical when the B&B we stayed at picked out a Canadian wine but was pleasantly surprised.  The nose is pleasantly full with bark and dark chocolate.  There are noticeable tannins but a good balance of fruit with a white oak aftertaste.  These tannins sit in your mouth a little and leave a lingering spice but this is crucial to the wine’s fullness.  A few more years in the bottle wouldn’t hurt but this isn’t bad.  91 points

Teri: Spending a birthday trip in Vancouver, Canada, this was our very first bottle of wine from the BC region; I am excited to try more! The full cab carries smells of coco and nutmeg which lead into full flavors of mulberry, tart black cherry, and leather on the finish of the wine. The flavor is full and has well structured tannins but smooth and pleasant to drink. 90 points 


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