Prix Fixe Red Wine 2014

Lot 18, $12.99PrixFixeRedWine

Aaron:  This was a great value to me and a  good win from Lot 18.  The subtle, woodsy nose featured pine and strawberries coated in moss.  Flavors were mellow and drinkable featuring fruits and almost a hint of sparkle at the onset.  There was no bitterness to this wine though I wish it were a little more complex – it’s great for new wine drinkers.  A hint of silver metal lingers on the back left of the tongue.  90 points for value and flexibility.

Teri: This red blend is easy to drink, but does not have too much complexity to it. I couldn’t really tell if I liked it or not. There was some oak and pepper on the nose and the flavor has a hint of nuttiness to it, almost like a nutty flavored cheese with some flavors of cherry, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I don’t think this would be good for those who are newer to wine, but a better pick for those who like spicier red wines. 88 points 


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