Cupcake Prosecco

Cupcake ProseccoPurchased from a local supermarket (Kroger), Reg. $10.99/Sale $8.99

Featured in Rachael Ray’s Best Bubbles for under $15

Cupcake Website

BevMo, $10.99

Total Wine & More, $9.99

Aaron:  This was absent of any smell and a bit sweeter than expected.  The flavor featured some mild citrus and light berries with a slightly oaky finish.  The best way to describe this is functional but not fantastic.  89 points

Teri: If you are looking for something slightly cheeper but don’t want to skimp on quality, Prosecco is the way to go. Prosecco’s are widely produced and without the stigma that is normally associated with champagne, leading to a lower price tag. Cupcake makes a variety of wines, and usually do a god job producing quality that a wide range of individuals would like. This prosecco, which dose not have much smell, has classic flavors of peaches and cream with a little lemon and apricot. It is also on the sweeter side with strong bubbles that add texture in your mouth from start to finish. This wine is great for those who like a sweeter sparkling wine, or a great option to add into your mixed drink which requires sparkling wine (a.k.a mimosa). 88 points 


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