Taralyn Brut Sparkling Wine

Taralyn Brut Sparkling Wine CaliforniaTaralyn Brut Top of BottleFound on Vivino, $11.13

Purchased from a local supermarket (QFC/Kroger), Reg. $10.99 (Sale, $8.99)

Aaron: I was really happy with this, especially for a $9 sale price.  Peachy, strawberry smells gave way to a mild, sweet flavor with mint and white nectarines.  This was pretty good and very enjoyable, not as dry as I would expect, making it a good intro for newbies.  91 points

Teri: If you like fruity wines, this is the sparkling wine for you. EXTREMELY easy to drink (dangerous…) and very enjoyable by itself or accompanied by food. It smells lightly of apples and tastes dry but carries a strong punch of beautiful white peach and apricot with pleasant balanced bubbles on your palate. 93 points 



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