Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

Mumm Napa Brut PrestigePurchased from the supermarket (QFC/Kroger), $16.99 on sale/Reg. $22.99

Mumm Website, $22

Total Wine & More, $15.97

BevMo, $16.59

Aaron: This is pretty dry – as expected for a Brut, this featured a dull, metal nose of silver and oak.  Mulberry flavors were surrounded with lots of dry, dense cedar.  Not my favorite but we got it for a good price.  89 points

Teri: Mumm is carried widely and is one of your ‘standard staples’ when looking for a higher quality sparkling wine. The Mumm winery makes only sparkling wines, and a wide variety of them. They know what they are doing, but just like non-sparkling wines it all depends on your own personal tastes. Just because the sparkling wine is more expensive, does not mean you are going to like it. The Mumm Brut Prestige is dry with a light nose of almond and lemon with strong consistent bubbles. I enjoyed the flavors of orange citrus with a little bit of star fruit. Being a “brut” this is on the dry side but still had strong flavors with a medium length finish. I don’t like everything Mumm produces, but this one is versatile and delicious. 91 points 



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