Squall Red Wine Blend 2013

Squall Red Wine Blend Lot 18, $15/bottle

Aaron: This could have been better but I don’t have high expectations for blends.  The nose was slightly peppery but also boasted some chocolate.  Bits of berries transformed into a moist log stuck in a flowing, rocky river.  Moss and blackberries finished on the palate.  89 points 

Teri: I admit, I was a bit hesitant for a wine what displays ‘California’ as an AVA (the region the grapes come from). Normally, you can pinpoint a specific geographic location, but ‘California’ as a whole means they could come from anywhere within the state, even multiple locations all mixed together. This wine didn’t win me over, but it is good enough for an every day table wine to drink at home. The bottle has darker fruit smells which open up to spicy fruit flavors on the taste of plum and cherry. The tannins are still medium/full but still smooth enough to give the wine body but not give your mouth a chalky aftertaste. 88 points