Edmeades Shamrock Vineyards Zinfandel 2012

Edmeades Shamrock Vineyards Edmeades Website, $31

Total Wine & More, General Edmeades Zin, $13

Aaron: The rocky, oak nose of this Zin reminds me of a river running through a dense, dark forest.  Some noticeable pepper rippling over prunes and blueberries continued the theme while tobacco rounded out the medium full body.  This has good tannins but not a super smooth finish, a bit too much bite.  89 points

Teri: Edmeades makes some fantastic bold reds, many of which are Zinfandels. Aaron and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit their location in Mendocino about a year ago and see their beautiful vineyard nestled between the rolling hills of the California coast. Their shamrock vineyard is the highest in elevation and the wine mirrors this with bold dark fruit flavors pair with flavors of oak. I didn’t taste much jamminess, instead had flavors of plum and bitter spice in a medium-bold body. 89 points 



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