Casas de Herencia Red Blend 2013

Splash Wines, $16.95 Casas De Herencia Red Blend


Aaron:  This wasn’t as great as the white Splash sent us from this winery.  Tobacco and red berries shared the stage on the smell while the medium body featured unripened fruits.  A bit of tar and tree bark, coated in watery moss hid behind bold tannins at the end though this still had a mellow finish.  88 points 

Teri: The red wine carries a medium-light body with mild flavors of red fruits, spice, and forest moss. Overall the wine feels a bit light and the flavors tasted a bit muddled together. I was able to make out some oak and and dark cherry with prominent spice on the finish. Not something I would purchase again. 86 points 


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