Kalder Syrah 2013

Kalder Syrah 2013Received from Heartwood and Oak, $16.99

Barclays Website, $16.99

Aaron:  This is a good value bottle.  Fruit and iced pepper crowd the nostrils but the flavor is super juicy.  Mulberry, blueberry, and limited spices lead to a slightly cinnamon finish.  This was full with some mildly charred oak.  Overall, pleasant and enjoyable.  91 points

Teri: This is one of the first bottles I have liked from the shipment Heartwood and Oak sent us. With an almost sweet strawberries and nutmeg smelling nose, this bottle is bold but carries smooth flavors of dark cherry, blackberry, and ripe plum plus some cinnamon spice on the finish. I loved the hearty feel of the wine with the juicy fruits on the taste. Bold, flavorful, and beautiful. 92 points 



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