Las Rocas de San Alejandro Granacha 2011

Las Rocas Garnacha San Alejandro Website, $11.99

Aaron: A ruby, rose nose introduces this bottle, followed by a smooth, velvety flavor of mocha and walnuts.  Fruity strawberry and lots of vanilla make this easy to drink but full enough to prevent gulping.  The slightest bit of bite on the end also prevents you from drinking too quickly, making this an all-around enjoyable wine.  90 points

Teri: After about 4 years in the bottle, this Granacha was smooth and quite easy to drink with abundant flavors of spice and fruit. I loved the spicy blueberry pie flavor with pepper and a hint of coco. I would save this bottle for an evening with friends or to enjoy with a hearty meal. Smooth, good tannins, and partners with good times. 90 points 



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