Jacques Delatour Cotes du Rhone 2014

Jacques Delator Cotes du RhoneLot 18, $20/bottleIMG_8534

Aaron:  Not a winner … the nose reminds me of a bushy hedge covering a long wall along an overpriced neighborhood though there were some white and red roses every once in a while.  The flavor was bitter with lots of raspberry and young oak; sometimes you have to have a bad bottle to appreciate the good ones.  86 points

Teri: Grapefruit…yep…that is the primary flavor I taste within this wine on the first sip. A second sip makes way to more flavors of pepper, dark red fruits, but still primarily grapefruit with oak on the finish. It is not a bad grapefruit taste (by any means) but not like any other red wine I have had from France. 86 points 



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