Brunmo Nebbiolo D’Alba 2013

Wine Searcher, around $15/bottle

Lot 18, $20/bottleBrumo Nebbiolo D'Alba 2013

Aaron: This was a miss for me.  The nose was highly organic, with rocky, floral olives.  I felt the flavor was dry and too chalky; while it started to grow on me, don’t expect berries or fruit as they’re completely absent.  Some almonds and generally sour flavors lost a lot of points with me.  85 points

Teri: This is a nice Italian red with a blend of earthiness and fruit flavors. Specifically, it carried flavors of dried fruits (mostly prune and cranberry) with earthy vanilla overtones and a dry oak finish. The medium-full bodied red would hold up to savory dishes and is best for those who like earthy flavors in their wines. 88 points 


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