Mare Viva Vinho Regional Alentejano White Wine

Mare Viva Adega De RedondoSplash Wine, $17/bottle

Aaron: I felt this was a pretty decent white and was excited to try something from Portugal.  Raspberry, strawberry and sugary syrups were the introductory smells.  Leaves and some amber made for an enjoyable flavor with light berries; the finish was a bit tart but definitely drinkable.  89 points

Teri: This white wine from Portugal yielded tart flavors at first sip then grew on me as I continued to try it. The flavors of tart passion fruit and lemon, with just a hint of peach, were crisp with a soft but refreshing finish–very easy to drink. Good acidity give this wine structure and perfect to enjoy in the summer or with lighter foods. 88 points 


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