Accoutre Malbec 2013

Accoutre MalbecWine of the Month Club, $19.99, price unavailable 

Aaron:  This was great.  A gentle mulberry and chocolate nose with a really creamy, easy-to-drink flavor.  This wine was full but not heavy, featuring good cherry and light bark flavors with no bite.  I loved it and felt it was amazing though admittedly, it’s not really “complex”.  93 points

Teri: This was the first time trying a French Malbec; normally we see this grape coming from South and North America. The wine carried a rich smell of coco and rhubarb but was distinctly lighter in body. Although it’s flavors of cranberry, cinnamon spice and raisin where not as hearty or full as other Malbec’s I have tried, the wine still had good flavor and a nice clean finish. I only wish the flavors would have lasted longer on the palate. 87 points 



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