Goose Ridge Vineyards Chardonnay 2012

Goose Ridge Chardonnay 2012Purchased from the Goose Ridge Tasting Room, $26

Featured on Great NorthWest Wines

Aaron: The smell on this chard was bright, featuring lime, grapefruit, and bright lights.  The flavor was totally different; full and buttery with a long, lingering citrus finish.  Rocky peaches and only a bit of oak led to a slightly more earthy ending but this was still pleasant.  89 points 

Teri: Full known bias here….I LOVE buttery chardonnay. Don’t let the creamy lemon nose fool you, at first taste flavors of butter, cream and a slight hint of peach fill you palate. Goose Ridge makes a classic smooth and buttery chardonnay that is a must try. The “real housewives” would swoon over this one. 91 points 



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