Avyo California White Wine 2013

Lot 18, $17/bottleAvyo White Wine 2013

Aaron: While odd, the lime and olive leaf smell was pretty interesting.  The flavor is what really won me over; buttery, creamy and really rich.  I felt this was pleasing on the palate with no bite and a super smooth finish.  There was not a lot of berries or earth, but nutty almonds and vanilla were shrouded in whipping cream.  This was a great beginner wine or a good choice for those who like full reds but need a quick white.  91 points

Teri: Aaron’s description of the smell might be the closest, but I had a hard time placing it. Overall, this is a light bodied white wine which is easy to drink for new wine drinkers but still has the complexity to keep seasoned tasters interested. It carried mostly flavors of stone fruit with honey-lemon, and celery. Some oaky hints creep in on the finish, which lasts quite a while on the palate. 88 points