Archboard Pinot Noir 2014

Lot 18, $16.50/bottleArchboard Pinot Noir 2014

Aaron:  This grew on me though I wasn’t impressed at first.  The berry, smokey nose of charred wood led to a full flavor but I wouldn’t say the wine was “luscious”.  There was noticeable bark and pepper with strawberries and lots of tart raspberries.   88 points

Teri: I am a lover of Pinot Noir, but this one wasn’t my favorite. The nose surprised me as it had almost a “fizzle” type smell. Flavors of tart strawberry, currant, and mossy bark was strong in the flavor. The woody flavors continued on into the medium light finish on the wine. If you prefer your pinots with woody flavors, this would be your bottle. If you like your fruit in your pinots, then I would say skip this one. 88 points 



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