NYX Red Wine 2014

Lot 18, $20/bottleNYX Red Wine

Aaron: This wasn’t my favorite wine by any means.  It was sharp and smokey with tobacco and charred tree bark coated in mud.  The flavor was a bit tangy and bitter, basically unappealing to me.  There wasn’t a lot of fruit and what fruit there was, was underripe. This was just harsher than I’d like, especially for a blend.  82 points

Teri: I don’t know if Aaron and I have ever differed so much on a bottle. The wine is visually a darker purple-red color in the glass, matching the hearty flavors within this blend. A woody-berry nose gives way to vanilla flavors with a hint of spice and undertones of dried black cherry and smoke. The smoke lingers into the finish and gives way to a touch of oak. This is a hearty wine for a blend, perfect for multiple occasions. I guess…just don’t invite Aaron. 90 points