Finca La Pintada Brut Cava

Splash Wines, $10 (member)/ $20 (nonmember)

Finca La Pintada Facebook PageFinca La Pintada Cava

Aaron:  We got this wine “for free” from Splash and I’m really glad they sent it.  The almond, apple smell molded into a flavor of vanilla and crisp apples.  There was a bit of white raspberry but what won me over was the tons of cream, which was unexpected for a bubbly.  This was easy drinking but bold with an intense, lemony finish.  91 points

Teri: This sparkling wine was easy to drink but very flavorful! Not too dry but not too sweet, this sparkling carries flavors of red apple, fresh peach, and pear. Also with present, but mild bubbles, this one is bound to be a favorite among a wide audience. 91 points 



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