Grafter Pinot Grigio 2014

Grafter Pinot GrigioPurchased from Lot 18, $14.99/bottle 

Vivino Profile 

Aaron:  While not as blatant as Teri’s assessment, I have to agree this was a good bottle.  There was tons of tropical mango and pineapple with nectarine on the nose along with white sand and mushrooms.  This was really full for a pinot but the flavor evaporated quickly.  A very easy drinking white, I noticed wheat undertones and a bit of airiness.  I think this is a perfect bottle to keep handy as it will please most palates.  91 points

Teri: YUMM! Full mouth flavors of creamy lemon custard with orange and other citrus flavors! This wine carries an abundance of body for a white wine and is delectable with its beautiful long finish and smooth acidity. This wine would be great with salads, creamy dishes, fish, or just on its own. 92 points