Empyrean Eridanus Claret 2004

Empyrean Claret 2004Empyrean Website

Purchased from Splash Wines, $45

Aaron:  I might be overly critical (particularly given Teri’s rating) but at $45 a bottle I want my wine to be better than my favorite $20-$30 bottles.  I noticed dark chocolate tar on the nose with some prune and plum.  The flavor was pleasantly full with heavy tannins and strawberry.  Sadly, this left a chalky taste in my mouth and the finish was slightly harsh.  89 points

Teri: Rich, full, and delicious! The hearty smell of red berries on the nose mimics the flavors of blackberry, rich cherry, and oak within the bottle. To pinpoint a few unique flavors I could taste: cherry pie and caramel oak. This bottle will please your bold red wine lovers and pairs well with hearty meals. 94 points 



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