Ngumu Western Cape Chenin Blanc South Africa 2014

Ngumu WinePurchased from Splash Wines

Vivino Profile

Aaron: Trippy name which took me a while to pronounce – I consider this foreshadowing because the wine took a while to grow on me.  This had a nutty nose with white and yellow butter however the flavor was harsh and bitter a first.  After this initial taste a wave of salty ocean water and oysters crashed over grapefruit and ultimately left a creamier, cantaloupe linger.  89 points

Teri: With a light peachy nose and more ‘industrial flavors’ on the finish, I think this wine goes better with some food then something to enjoy on its own. Extremely fruit forward with flavors of stone fruit, dried apricot, and a hint of must at the end including some rubber and mineral tastes. I couldn’t tell if this was better or the same after it had a little time to aerate, but nothing special stood out to me with this bottle. 88 points 


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