Palazzo del Mare Catarratto 2014

Palazzo Del Mare CatarrattoPurchased from Lot 18, $12.50

Available on Amazon UK

Wine Searcher Profile 

Aaron: The leafy nose of this white was kind of dull but accompanied by tons of lemony citrus.  This wanted to be buttery but wasn’t, more of an almond flavor with mostly tart citrus.  The flavor was light but tangy, making it a bit overwhelming in a negative way.  86 points

Teri: This Italian white has flavors of passion fruit, herbal rose pedals and lemongrass with some vanilla on the finish. In total, it is a bit too citrus tasting for my personal preference but still easy to drink. If enjoying this bottle, I say it would be better to pair with food–preferably seafood. 87 points 


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