Van Camp Cellars Josh’s Barrel Scraps 2013

img_0346Van Camp Cellars Website, $22/bottle

Aaron: I was excited to try this blend of so many different grapes because I generally enjoy the wines from Van Camps.  I have to say this was actually better on its own than with food in my opinion.  The nose was earthy with tobacco and raspberry.  The flavor was extremely smooth but still had good body.  Overall, this was on the fruitier side and pretty good for a blend.  91 points

Teri: Aaron and I came across this small boutique winery on our way home from a round of golf. Making only a couple hundred cases a year, our time in the tasting room (and the production area) was spent with the owner and his head wine maker.

This blend is a hearty and smooth red made from Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petite Verdot, and Syrah. Josh (yes, we actually met him) has take some of the big “in your face” reds and created a blend that is flavorful without overpowering the drinker. I actually really enjoyed the flavors of bing cherry with a subtle hint of oak and tobacco underneath. There was almost a dry sweetness to the flavor but not jammy. 90 points 


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