1924 Gnarly Head Double Black Red Wine Blend

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Wine.com , $10.99

BevMo, $9.99

Total Wine & More, $9.99

Aaron: I really liked this wine, particularly for such a high-value pricepoint.  Great blackberry and chocolate on the nose with some dark bark.  the flavor was full and peppery with some maple syrup on the aftertaste.  There were a lot of dark flavors but overall very mellow and not harsh at all.  I really like mainstream wines which still taste good and this is one of them.  92 points.

Teri: An unassuming nose is distinctly different than the fruity flavors of rich blueberry, strawberry, and vanilla I taste in the wine. Good smooth tannins make this an easy transition bottle for those who want something hearty but still not an “in your face” bold red. Plus from an easy to find name, add this bottle to your shopping list. 90 points