El Barrio Chilean Cabernet 2015

img_0583Lot 18/The Tasting Room, $16.24/bottle

New York Times Wine Club

Aaron: Sadly Teri and I disagree on this wine (which means we probably won’t get another one).  I put this in the win column for Lot 18 because the leather, blackberry, and almond nose was fascinating.  I also enjoyed the smooth flavor with lingering tannins.  This was a bit minerally with porace rocks and granite but I felt it had enough complexity to justify a flavor I’m not usually a huge fan of.  91 points

Teri: With a yeasty-berry smell and flavors of black pepper, currant and cedar this was not my favorite flavor profile. I disliked the abundance of hearty tannins (almost bitter and chalky) and a slight bite on the finish. This one leans more towards mineral and woodsy flavors vs. fruit. The flavors are reflective of the Chilean soil but this one is not a top pick for me. 86 points