Bethany Cabernet Sauvignon Free Run 2012


Purchased from the Bethany Tasting Room, $28

Wine-Searcher Website Info

Aaron:  If you happen to be in southern Washington, the tasting room is worth a stop, the folks are really friendly.  The wine is ok but I probably wouldn’t seek it out.  This one had a lot of tobacco and damp oak on the nose.  The berries were slightly tart with cranberry and some “prickly” leaves.  88 points

Teri: Trying this wine at the wintery, I made sure to take home a bottle. The wine is made from the juice of the grapes when they are first put into the press. The weight of the load causes some of the juice to ‘free run’ out of the machine. This is captured and then made into the bottle. The result? An intense flavored wine without the heavy tannins. This cab carries flavors of plum and wild berries with a nice herbal undertone. Delightful! 92 points 


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