Two Mountain Merlot 2012

IMG_1220.jpgTwo Mountain Winery

BevMo, $18.99

Total Wine & More, $15.99

Aaron: This was a great bottle, fruity nose with some mild greens.  I describe this as very middle of the road and moderate.  While that’s not going to wine awards for wine of the year, it makes it very flexible and easy to pair with lots of meals.  There were young, fruity berries and some fresh tobacco leaves (not dried) on the flavor with goji berries on the finish.  91 points

Teri: A plastic/industrial smell, similar to barley didn’t give me high hopes for what I was going to taste. It surprised me slightly with a blend of herbs up front and then fruit (plum and blueberry) on the finish, although the barley flavor still continued throughout the wine. Medium bodied and light tannins make this an OK wine for me but nothing to brag about. 86 points 


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