Bois de Lamothe Cotes De Duras Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Trader Joe’s, $3.99

Aaron: For a four dollar bottle, I’m pretty impressed.  We have the “impress a snob” category … this should go in the “fool a snob” catagory.  The potent smell of raspberry cream with just a hint of spice was intriguing and the great balance of earth and fruits on the palate was very pleasant.  The prominent flavors were plum and cherry with some berries but most important, there was no bite at all to this cab.  The tannins were moderate and the flexible body made this excellent for pairing.  90 points

Teri: A great inexpensive bottle to bring to a party, this one is bound to please. Medium acidity and light taste, this red blend of France contains flavors of mulberry and juniper berries with a slight bell pepper taste. A nice equal blend of fruit and earth with noticeable good tannins.  89 points


Angove Nine Vines 2008

Cost Plus World Market, $12.99 (sale $4.99)

Aaron:  As far as wine goes, rose wines are not high on my preference list, however to be a complete blog we need to have some.  This wasn’t horrible with subtle flowers and peach on the smell followed by a crisp palate.  The flavor was wider than expected and was smooth but light.  The aftertaste was noticeably long (though mild and light) and featured grasses and strawberries which I found unique.  85 points

Teri: It has been a while since I have enjoyed a glass of rose. This once contained a bright smell of grapefruit with a slight bite in the taste, possibly a unique flavor from the Shiraz grape. The rest was light and smooth with tastes of strawberry and citrus. This would go well to enjoy at outside summer events or with a summer salad. 86 points

2006 Monte De Oro Synergy 65

Monte De Oro is a beautiful winery located in Temecula, CA.

Monte De Oro Website
 $33 dollars/bottle from website

Aaron:  My opinion on blends is normally not too positive.  While easy to drink and generally enjoyable to the masses I find they lack the distinction among flavors necessary to make a wine truly spectacular.  That said, the Synergy 65 is pretty awesome.  The rich bouquet of berries and nuts predicates an enjoyable palate of blackberries.  Light tannins mold gently into a smooth flavor which is very enjoyable.  The wine is slightly sweet in my opinion but adds to the “synergy” of the grape.  Nicely done.  90 Points

Teri: This is an enjoyable blend with a mild smell of red fruit. The taste has a slight spice with an undertone of ripe red fruits. When first open it tasted a little tight so let to breath to bring out more flavors. 85 points

DaVinci Chianti 2009

Cost Plus World Market, 12.99
Total Wine & More, 8.99
BevMo, 10.99

Aaron:  This was my first Chianti and I was very excited to enjoy it with a nice pasta dish.  The smell was tight with strawberries, raspberries and nuts fighting for dominance, however the flavor was full and mellow with a medium body.  I found it difficult to point to a particular taste but it had a great finish which was not too harsh and relinquished like velvet.  89 points

Teri: I really enjoy a great glass of Chianti now and again. Da Vinci’s carries a spicy nose with smooth characteristics from start to finish. The medium body red carried flavors of cranberry, raspberry, and plum with long slow legs and a hint of spice on the finish. The flavors do not come on strong and overall the wine sits very light on the palate. 88 points