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Treveri Blanc de Noir Brut


Purchased from Treveri Tasting Room, $20
You can also find Treveri bottles at Trader Joes and other select wine retailers)

Aaron:  This wasn’t my favorite but I might just have elevated standards for Treveri. The nose reminded me of burnt strawberry which wasn’t very appealing.  There were also red floral notes which isn’t my favorite.  The flavor was somewhat bitter which might just be my palate not adjusting to using a red instead of a white grape.  There was lots of sparkle and this mellowed out on the second sip but this is not my favorite.  88 pointsimg_0460

Teri: Crisp flavors of cranberry, green apple, and strawberry with medium effervescence make this sparkling drink closer to a red. The flavors of the pinot noir grape shine through wrapped in the light airy feel of a brut sparkling wine. Visually, I also love the slight rose color of the wine and feel this bottle would be great to pair with chicken, turkey, or other white meats.  90 points 




Cava Finca La Pintada Brut Rose NV

Cava Finca La PintadaSplash Wines, $19.95 (non-member price)

Aaron:  The nose on this brut was dark, organic cherries and the flavor was very very (VERY) dry.  Some mildly tart raspberries and root veggies combined with a hint of grapefruit and bing cherry.  89 points 

Teri: This is a dry sparkling wine but still has notable flavors and a quality finish. After the cranberry-strawberry nose, I tasted flavors of dried strawberries then lingering raw Spanish peanut. This bottle is refreshing and good for many occasions but not my personal favorite. 87 points 


Mythmaker Pinot Noir Rose 2014

Mythmaker Pinot Noir RoseLot 18, $14.99

Aaron: This was interesting but I’m not a fan – though admittedly Rose doesn’t normally do much for me.  Strawberry and melon were prominent on the nose with white peaches and flowers.  The flavor was pretty full but slightly bitter at first followed by a rich overflow of butter.  Again, this wasn’t my favorite but it’s functional.  88 points

Teri: Almost reminding me of potpourri, the smell reminds me of roses and with almost no legs after swirling the glass the body is quite light, “wet” tasting, and smooth. Flavors of clementine, apricot, and bright young strawberry make this wine refreshing and easy to enjoy. Make sure you serve it chilled for a better experience. For a rose, I think this wine provides complexity and quality. 91 points 


La Vieille Ferme 2013 Rose

La Vieille Perme 20132013Given to us as a gift. Thanks Bill!

La Vieille Ferme Website

La Vieille Ferme wines from BevMo, $6.99 & Total Wine, $5.99

Aaron: tons of strawberry and some good peach too.  Floral flavors are a bit bitter – not too bad.  It’s pretty full but not my favorite and definitely not an “intro” wine because it’s complex and features some veggies (celery) and tomato.  88 points

Teri: This blush has light lemon citrus flavors but still feels full and flavorful. I tasted cranberry and metallic minerals mostly on the wine. Not my favorite overall, but refreshing and easy to drink for those who are new to wine or prefer a lighter variety to drink. 88 points

Schramsberg Brut Rose 2009

Schramsberg Brut Rose 2009
Schramsberg Brut Rose 2009

Total Wine & More, $34.99

Schramsberg Website

Aaron:  This wine is not for newbies; I got a lot of complex, mature flavors (which admittedly differed from Bill and Teri’s reaction).  The smell was dull and muddied, almost sulfuric which I feel wouldn’t be appealing for most.  The advanced flavor palate had limited fruit to me, especially for a rose.  I got a dry, musky flavor of ay and raspberry at the end.  Most points or for the complexity.  90 points

Teri: Beautiful strawberry-kiwi nose with great tropical tastes! This sparkler is dry but fruity with lingering flavors of lemon and blueberry and still a touch of kiwi. Extremely complex for a sparkling wine. 90 points for the beautiful color, complexity, and flavor.