Kitchen Sink White NV

Total Wine & More, $6.99

Aaron:  This is a great beginner wine!  I think it would be too sweet for a snob but the smoothness and full, fruity flavor makes it easy to drink.  The smell was very sugary with tropical fruits and the flavor featured pineapple and strawberry.  Overall, easy to drink but not going to win any awards.  88 points

Teri: The smell on this wine was a bit deceiving with some musky characteristics. Very quick legs and a light texture, this wine has faint characteristics of lemon, peach, and green apple. This bottle is versatile, easy to drink for non-wine drinkers, and would please a crowd but didn’t wow my taste buds. 86 points


WheelHouse Chardonnay 2010

Cost Plus World Market, 14.99

Aaron:  Skip this one!  The oaky smell led to a dry, earthy flavor which lacked fruits.  Some seasoned drinkers might enjoy the slight lemon flavor and dark color but I advise new drinkers to stay away.  83 points

Teri: Carrying a nutty/fruity smell, this chardonnay had strong fruit forward characteristics of apricot and cantaloupe that melt into flavors of butternut squash and some lemon. A very dry white. Not my favorite but some great flavors and unique characteristics. 86 points 

Thistle Dew Chardonnay – Verdilho

Cost Plus World Market, $6.99

Aaron: Impressed I was not … this Chard smelled earthy and oaky with a lot of stems attached to green apples.  It had a smooth, buttery taste (contrasting the smell) with some mild fruits and enough tannins to matter, but honestly it was not that flavorful.  Most of my points are derived from being “full” for a white.  87 points

Teri: This white from Australia has a smell slightly chemical with some tropical fruits but the actual taste was superb. Smooth with flavors of pineapple, citrus, and mango/lemon that lingered into a delightful aftertaste of lemon and green apple. If you can get over the smell, the taste is very good. This bottle would be great with light salads, cheese, and fruits. 87 points