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Le Ruse Renard Cotes de Gascogne 2015

Lot 18, $14.99

Aaron: Oaky green apple on the nose.  The flavor is tangy but dissipates quickly.  Lots of lemongrass and weeds with some interesting sunflower but too tart for me.  87 points

Teri: This white wine has a citrus nose with a light and crisp body. I tasted flavors of white peach and Pez (like the candy). Medium body and a short (but flavorful) finish. Slightly watery but easy to drink. 87 points


14 Hands Hot to Trot White Blend 2013

img_033414 Hands Website, $12

BevMo, $9.99

Total Wine & More, $7.47

Aaron:  This was an enjoyable wine with lemon-coated almonds and a white peach nose. Pretty full for it’s light hue with a hint of near-sparkle.  Lots of green pears on the palate gave way to a touch of brown sugar making this appealing and easy to drink.  91 points

Teri: The sweet peach and pear nose is followed by tight fruit flavors on the first sip. It took me a while to piece out a few: fuji apple, almond, butter, and other stone fruits. The wine is very flavorful and easy to drink. Great for gift giving and easy to pair with a variaty of foods. 91 points 

Airfield Estates Lightning 2013

Airfield Estates Lightning Purchased from Airfield tasting room, $18

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Aaron: VERY buttery smell but not overpowering.  There was tons of cream on this white blend with almond and olive oil breaking through as well.  I felt this was extremely enjoyable, full, and rich.  92 points

Teri: If you love buttery chardonnays you will want to try this. The white blend starts with a creamy vanilla smell that blends into a whipped cream and buttery mouthful of vanilla bean, honeydew, and almond. Still on the dry side, this wine is packed with scrumptious flavors within a pleasant medium to light body and smooth tannins. 90 points 


Pumphouse White Table Wine 2013

Pumphouse White WineReview by Pumphouse White Wine

Splash Wines, $13.95

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Aaron: This was a little awkward to me; the nose was bland and light with some almond and generally nutty smells.  The flavor was very bright and tart with lots of lemon and grapefruit.  I think this would be fine if you want something to leave a tartness on your tongue but I probably wouldn’t like it normally.  That said, we had it with some Thai food and it went pretty well so I give it 89 points

Teri: This white wine feels quite acidic but still has crisp light flavor and a medium finish. Sweet peach and cantaloupe on the smell blends to flavors of citrus (mostly grapefruit and lemon) and tropical fruits (pineapple and papaya). I’ve never had a wine from New York, but I feel this one is pretty good. 88 points 


Avyo California White Wine 2013

Lot 18, $17/bottleAvyo White Wine 2013

Aaron: While odd, the lime and olive leaf smell was pretty interesting.  The flavor is what really won me over; buttery, creamy and really rich.  I felt this was pleasing on the palate with no bite and a super smooth finish.  There was not a lot of berries or earth, but nutty almonds and vanilla were shrouded in whipping cream.  This was a great beginner wine or a good choice for those who like full reds but need a quick white.  91 points

Teri: Aaron’s description of the smell might be the closest, but I had a hard time placing it. Overall, this is a light bodied white wine which is easy to drink for new wine drinkers but still has the complexity to keep seasoned tasters interested. It carried mostly flavors of stone fruit with honey-lemon, and celery. Some oaky hints creep in on the finish, which lasts quite a while on the palate. 88 points