Guest Tasters


Friends, family, acquaintances and casual readers…this is your chance to share your opinion with readers of The Vino Duo. We want to know about your favorite, or not so favorite, wines.


Laila Nikjoo 

Orange County, CA

Dearly Beloved – I Thee Red – Trader Joe’s $7.99

The label of this wine really caught my eye. And while the wine wasn’t as awesome as the label, it was still very pleasant. Very noticeable red fruits on the nose with a slight spiciness. The taste mirrored the same red fruits but with an added hint of vanilla. It seemed a little watery at first taste, so I would say light to medium bodied but leaves a medium finish. Beautiful vibrant red color. Overall, a lighter bodied wine for a red, but very enjoyable, especially if you want the red fruit tastes without the heavier body that usually comes with it. I would say it probably pairs well with a pork chop, but i’m not too good at food and wine pairings just yet. hehe.

On the Vino Duo scale, I would give it 89 points!


Othon & Suzanne Garcia

Prescott, AZ

2009 Kendall Jackson Syrah.  Tasted blackberry with mild tanins.  Very drinkable.  Enjoyed with hamburgers made with grass-fed beef, bacon and fontina cheese.  Balsamic mushrooms and white kidney bean salad with tomatoes and basil.  Yum!  Suzanne rated an 88, Othon rated an 87.

2009 Wild Horse Merlot, Paso Robles.  Suzanne thought tasted like cherry.  Othon thought it tasted like fermented pears.  Overall rating for Othon a 90, for Suzanne 87.


Elizabeth Rohrs: Autumn Flight Barbera

“Very oaky. Taste sits on the tip of my tongue. Also taste a lot of citrus. Very crisp. Pleasant. Very nice with white fish.”


Interested in participating? 

Use the text box below to send us information about your wine, what you like/dislike and a photo of the bottle.  A picture of yourself would also be appreciated so we can give you full credit (please send photos to

This is your time to shine, Happy Tasting!

Please note, not all posts will be accepted, submission of a guest post does not ensure official posting nor does this entitle the guest poster to any earnings or royalties from the post.  Messages must be professional and free of profanity or abusive language.  TheVinoDuo (c) reserves the right to change wording and retains all rights to posts or comments on TheVinoDuo blog.


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