Parkers Estate Cabernet Savignon 2010

Aaron: I enjoyed this wine; if I could use one word to describe it, I would say it was comfortable.  Generally I felt it was mild and moderate with a pleasant finish.  I definitely noticed some medium tannins which added to the flavor at the end.  Additionally, throughout the sips I noticed light red fruits and raspberries.  This would be great to bring to a party when you don’t know who will be attending or what is being cooked. 85 points

Teri: This was a nice cab but it left me wanting a little more. It was very smooth at first sip with medium tannins that build up on the palate. The overall flavor contained a good amount of savory dark fruits.   80 points

Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux 2008

This bottle was introduced to us by a good friend who is Dutch and a trained European Chef, Price Unknown.

Aaron:  While my tastes have become accustomed to the fruity, savory flavors of California wines I was excited to try this bordeaux.  It paired nicely with the lamb that we were eating at the time however I probably wouldn’t drink this as a standalone wine.  The nose was very broad with earthy tones, so I was slightly mislead because the flavor was thin and lacked body.  Also notable, I did not get a lot of grape flavors, though I definitely noticed berries.  Interestingly, the flavor did not resemble ripe berries, which gave a slight tartness to the second or third sip.  Overall, this probably could use another year or two of aging to develop some more complexity, however if you want to impress a wine snob, show up with a nice bordeaux, works every time!  80 points

Teri: I always remember Bordeaux as rich and earthy and this one fits the bill. The flavor has nice layers to it giving your taste buds flavors of red fruits first followed by musky and earthy nodes. With no hint of sweetness, this bottle would accompany a variety of savory meals adding to the complexity of the food. I normally lean towards fruitier flavors of California wines but this bottle was a great change. 75 points

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne

Bottle can be purchased from most wine and spirits retailers, $15-17
Teri: This is a classic favorite for most women. The champagne is easy to drink with a crisp dry forward flavor and a sweet almond taste. Pop open a bottle for special occasions, pair with dessert, or just for personal enjoyment. Bring this to a party or give it as a gift. This bottle is extremely versatile. 93 points

Aaron:  This is a chick drink, so it tastes pretty good.  If you want to win points with a nice girl, use this.  The flavor is sweet, yes there is an almond hint, but if you don’t like almonds, don’t be turned away.  The bubbles are nice and the glass goes down smoothly.  I would highly recommend this for people who aren’t ready for a Brut but still want that romantic atmosphere.  89 points

Running with Scissors Pinot Noir 2008

Purchased from Total Wine and More, $8-10, commonly also found in other wine and grocery stores.

Teri: I am a huge fan of Pinot Noir but was not impressed at all with this wine. The smell was very bland with only slight hints of strawberry and red fruits. The taste carried notes of vanilla, strawberry and raspberry but contained too much of a pepper for my taste buds. 70 points

Aaron: Do not buy this wine.  Teri is too nice; this wine was horrible! The nose left me wanting more of anything, I felt like I was smelling water.  Teri claims that there were hints of fruits and other pleasantries in the flavor … that’s just not correct.  This was peppery and spicy and unpleasant.  My rating is generous.

60 points