Monte Volpe Primo Bianco 2012 White Table Wine

Monte Volpe 2012 Primo BiancoWine of the Month Club, $7.99

MonteVolpe Website (Graziano Family of Wines)

Aaron:  Light melon and the nose with some subtle citrus.  The flavor is very tangy, like a tangerine candy almost.  I noted a lot of salt and sand, this wasn’t my favorite.  86 points

Teri: White wine blends can vary greatly, but this is one of the better ones I have tasted. The lemon characteristics on the nose open up to flavors of pineapple, lavender, and orange peel. With a very full finish, for a white, it leaves you with lovely lingering flavors of balanced fruit and floral together. I would enjoy this with a salad with a citrus dressing or fish, but it was also very enjoyable on its own. Try this one if you like your white wines a little more bold. 89 points 


Anciano Grand Reserva 2001 Tempranillo Valdepenas

Purchased from Costco, $7.99

Aaron:  I wasn’t as impressed with this wine as Teri was but have to admit, the bottle looked pretty spiffy (please note, the word “spiffy” is put in this post simply for my good friend Robert Tran, the best wedding photographer in Orange County, check out their site at  Back to the wine: I wasn’t impressed with the bitter, spicy smell of under ripe fruits though the mellow, flowing flavor could complement simple dishes.  There was a kick to this tempranillo and it was a bit too spicy on the swallow but had lots of warmth and some berries.  Most notable to me was a distinct red apple flavor.  87 points

Teri: I loved the smell of this wine: a cherry-brown sugar fragrance that was quite pleasant. The wine itself also had unique characteristics with nicely structured tannins, bold notes of oak, mild spice, and raspberry and a flavor that dissipated extremely slowly on the palate. It would stand up to pasta dishes, meats, and BBQ. The 10 years has grown this reserve bottle into a unique, bold, and full flavored experience. 90 points